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Skill Level: Easy

What will be covered in this session?

Olive oil cake, lemon mascarpone frosting, almond and maldon shortbread biscuits

Hesitant about baking cakes and cookies at home as it all seems a little bit too complicated? Anxious about preparing a dessert for your next summer gathering that will both look and taste delicious? Join us in the fourth instalment of our culinary basics series where we demystify the process behind baking beautiful and delicious sweet treats. In the session we will bake a delicate yet rich olive oil cake, decorate it with a lemon and mascarpone frosting and add some texture to the dish with an almond and sea salt shortbread biscuit.

Throughout the workshop, our chef instructors will demonstrate professional skills and teach you the techniques behind these popular types of desserts. These simple techniques can be used to prepare a versatile array of recipes. By the end of each session we guarantee you’ll leave our kitchen with the confidence to produce quick, delicious treats in the comfort of your own home.

Culinary Basics | Baking thumbnail

Skill Level: Easy

  • Baking a moist and delicious sponge cake
  • Baking crumbly, buttery biscuits
  • Preparing a creamy mascarpone frosting
  • Decorating and frosting a layered cake
  • Vocabulary of baking ingredients, techniques and tools
  • Kitchen professionalism: timing, cleanliness and organisation
  • Useful tips and tricks: checking cakes for doneness, best practices for measuring ingredients etc

Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

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The Mediterranean Culinary Academy classroom at No 5, Sappers Street, Valletta

All of our workshops will be held at our purposely-designed professional kitchen class room on Sapper Street in Valletta, conveniently close to the nearby open-air public car park.

Our modular classroom has been created to morph effortlessly between technical and theory exercises, with plenty of space for you to work, cook and learn. Designed for up to 12 students and a lecturer at a time, our classroom is also home to the latest cooking equipment – although it still feels like a comfortable home kitchen.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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What's included?

  • Food & Drink
  • Use of Equipment

65 4 hours over 1 Session