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Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where will courses take place?

All of our courses will be held at our purposely-designed kitchen class room at No 4, Sapper Street in Valletta, conveniently close to the nearby open-air public car park.

Q. What facilities can I expect?

The space is fully-equipped with all the apparatus needed for each class. Each person will be provided with the necessary tools, knives and ingredients for the duration of the course.

Q. Who will be teaching my course?

Please click here to find out more.

Q. Is my course accredited?

Our courses are not currently accredited.

Q. Will there be an assessment?

There will be no formal assessment, however every participant will be expected to prepare a final dish to be critiqued and tasted by the whole group.

Q. Will you be releasing more courses?

Yes, we are continuously developing courses based on different aspects related to Mediterranean cuisine.

Q. Can I fail the course?

The only way to fail the course is by not attending at least 80% of the sessions.

Q. Will I learn new recipes?

Yes a number of recipes relevant to the chosen course will be discussed and cooked together. Each attendee will also be given all the recipe sheets related to the course.

Q. Do I have to attend all the sessions?

It would be best to attend all sessions, however it is understood that certain circumstances won’t allow you to attend.

Q. If I fall ill on one day, can I make up the lesson another time?

Each session builds on the previous session, therefore, it is not possible to make up any missed session at a later date.

Q. How many people will be in my class?

The class has a maximum capacity of 12 students, each with their own cooking station and 1 or 2 chef instructors, depending on the session.

Q. What kind of cuisine do you teach?

To learn about the courses being offered kindly click here

Q. Are the lessons hands-on or just theory based?

The lessons are divided into theory and practice, while a few also include a site visit to a local producer.

Q. Do we get to eat the food we make in class, or take it home?

At the end of each session the food prepared can be eaten or taken home, just don’t forget to bring a container.

Q. I am a vegetarian – can you accommodate me?

The courses that have the vegetarian icon icon can cater to vegetarians. Kindly let us know in advance, via the message box, if you are vegetarian.

Q. I am new to cooking. Do I need any special skills to attend this course?

The courses fit into one of the following categories: Easy: I make great toast
Medium: I can make my own roux
Hard: I have mastered the soufflé
These categories can be found in the rationale.

Q. In what language will the courses be taught?

These courses will be taught in English

Q. I have allergies what can I do?

Please let us know in the allergy section when applying for a course and we will do our best to accommodate you, however, if you are in doubt please feel free to email us at

Q. What should I bring with me?

All food and equipment is provided for you during the sessions. Just be sure to bring your Mediterranean Culinary Academy apron with you.

Q. What is the difference between groups?

Group A and Group B cover the same material over different dates.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Kindly read the relevant terms and conditions here

Q. Can I book more than one course at once?

Yes you can.

Q. Do you offer group discounts?

We do not currently offer group discounts.

Q. What is the minimum age for participation?

The minimum age for participation is 17.

Q. Do you offer transportation?

We do not offer any transportation to and from classes.

Q. Can I bring my kids?

For safety reasons we cannot allow anyone other than the participants to be in the kitchen.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

All bookings can be made online. However, if you would prefer by pay cheque, this can also be arranged. Please send us an email on