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Skill Level: Medium

We aim to shed some light on the rich tapestry of the country’s cuisine by looking at each course in an Italian meal to tell the story of each region.  Beginning with the opening antipasti session, we will explore (and taste) the vast selection of cheeses, salumi and wines and how, even between neighbouring regions, products become substantially different.

Moving on to the primi, you will be guided through the process of making one of the most ubiquitous Italian dishes from scratch – pasta! Transforming the simplest of ingredients to a dish that would be well-received by even the pickiest Italian palate. 

Using quality produce, bold seasoning and time honoured technique we will demonstrate the simplistic beauty of Italian cooking  of secondi and contorni. We will round off our culinary journey by spanning Italy’s rich repertoire of dolci, imbuing you with the skills necessary to replicate a number of these sweet treats. 

Our goal is that you will leave our academy with a vocabulary and understanding of the vast range of Italian products and techniques. Over and above, we hope to pass on the confidence and ability to prepare a full meal in your own home that certainly wouldn’t be out of place in any Italian trattoria!


Day 1 - Introduction to the Italian Table: Antipasti
Our culinary journey will begin like most Italian meals: with a multitude of antipasti. Salumi, cheeses, and some simple culinary preparations from Italy’s regions with be explored. These will be sampled in the tasting portion of the lesson and paired with aperitifs.
Day 2 - Pasta and Other Primi
Next up, we’ll look at our first plated course of the meal. According to tradition, this would often be a light soup or a more substantial dish like risotto, gnocchi or pasta. We’ll examine examples of each and discuss the stories they tell about their region of origin. Learn how to make pasta like a true Italian nonna. Roll, cut, shape, fill and sauce pastas from all over Italy.
Day 3 - Secondi e Contorni
Today we delve into the Italian heart as well as look at the different secondi found within regional Italy and their accompanying contorni. From the north, where the cuisine is typically heartier and more meat focused, to the south, where the food is lighter and more fish forward.
Day 4 - Dolci – Traditional Pastries and Desserts
Our closing lesson will focus on the sweet treats that the Italians are so celebrated for. We will examine how their cuisine has evolved to include some of the richest and most regionally-diverse dessert menus in the world. Sampling a few signature desserts from each region, we’ll give you a chance to try your hand at some authentic Italian patisserie.


  • Historical and geopolitical influences on regional cuisines
  • Pasta's origin story
  • Regional food culture & Nutrition

Science & Nutrition

  • Gluten development in pasta Technique

Cooking Technique

  • Correct knife skills
  • Timing, planning, and organisation in a kitchen
  • Fresh pasta making
  • Pasta sauces
  • Roasting
  • Patisserie basics


  • Regional wines
  • Regional salumi and cheeses
  • Quality and selection criteria for produce
  • Traditional Italian produce

Course Timetables

November 2018

Day Date Session Time Places left
1 Tuesday 6th November 2018 Introduction to the Italian Table: Antipasti 18:30 - 22:30 11
2 Tuesday 13th November 2018 Pasta and Other Primi 18:30 - 22:30 11
3 Tuesday 20th November 2018 Secondi e Contorni 18:30 - 22:30 11
4 Tuesday 27th November 2018 Dolci – Traditional Pastries and Desserts 18:30 - 22:30 11

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy classroom at No 5, Sappers Street, Valletta

All of our courses will be held at our purposely-designed professional kitchen class room on Sapper Street in Valletta, conveniently close to the nearby open-air public car park.

Our modular classroom has been created to morph effortlessly between technical and theory exercises, with plenty of space for you to work, cook and learn. Designed for up to 12 students and a lecturer at a time, our classroom is also home to the latest cooking equipment – although it still feels like a comfortable home kitchen.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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What's included?

  • MCA Apron
  • Food & Drink
  • Recipe Pack
  • Course Notes
  • Use of Equipment

299 4 sessions over 16 hours