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Skill Level: Medium

Although they stem from different backgrounds, the cuisines of Greece and Turkey share many similarities. It’s an appreciation of seasonality and regional cooking that really unite the two, as well as a uniquely eastern-Mediterranean attitude towards dining in a relaxed atmosphere where food is cooked with passion and shared with love. This course will give you insight into the cooking techniques, styles and rituals of both cultures. 

We’ll travel to the meyhan and mezedopoleion to taste raki with an assortment of mezze. Crispy phyllo pastry will be made from scratch and layered with olive oil to form a delicious and authentic Greek pie. Most importantly, the course will look at how you can use seasoning to give a dish its cultural identity. We will look at the array of herbs and spices used and the course will guide you through their correct use so your grilled souvlaki, kofte, and shish come out tasting just the way you want them to!


Day 1 - Home Cooking in Greece and Turkey
Greece, Turkey and their neighbouring states have a unique and rich culture for stuffed and rolled vegetables or leaves. We’ll look into how seasoning these two similar preparations differently will give divergent outcomes. The sessions will focus on easy-but-delicious family meals and delve into the home cooking techniques of the region.
Day 2 - Dining Out: Mezze of the Eastern Mediterranean
Mezze are ubiquitous across the eastern Mediterranean but each culture differs slightly in its offering and etiquette. We will explore the culinary history of mezze in Greece and Turkey, understand their origins, and their current place in culture. The class will focus on the coastal regions and highlight the seafood and vegetable mezzes from both sides of the Aegean. Along with a look at the mezze, you will discover the cheeses and alcoholic drinks of Greece and Turkey.
Day 3 - Grilling, Grains and Olive Oil Dishes
Examining skewered preparations such as souvlakia, kofte and shish kebab, you will learn about the marinades used and how they work to season and tenderise the meats. To accompany these, you will prepare grain-based pilafs and utilise a style of cooking vegetables that is unique to the eastern Mediterranean.
Day 4 - Pies and Doughs: Cooking with Phyllo
This region features a great number of dough-based preparations, the most popular of these doughs is phyllo. This paper-thin pastry is a mastered craft in Greece and Turkey but, at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, we are confident that you will be able to master it too! After covering the common desserts enjoyed throughout both Greece and Turkey, you will gain expertise in working with phyllo in preparations such as spanakopita, baklava and börek.


  • Historical and geopolitical influences on regional cuisines
  • Meze in the Eastern mediterranean
  • Ottoman court cuisine
  • Ancient Greek cultures & Nutrition

Science & Nutrition

  • Dough shortening Technique

Cooking Technique

  • Correct knife skills
  • Timing, planning, and organisation in a kitchen
  • Deep frying
  • Making and baking phyllo dough
  • Grilling
  • Pilaf and rice cookery
  • Rolling and stuffing vegetables
  • Traditional olive oil braises


  • Regional wines and alcoholic drinks
  • Olive oils and regional products
  • An exploration of the grains used in the region

Course Timetables

October 2018

Day Date Session Time Places left
1 Saturday 6th October 2018 Home Cooking in Greece and Turkey 10:00 - 14:00 10
2 Saturday 13th October 2018 Dining Out: Mezze of the Eastern Mediterranean 10:00 - 14:00 10
3 Saturday 20th October 2018 Grilling, Grains and Olive Oil Dishes 10:00 - 14:00 10
4 Saturday 27th October 2018 Pies and Doughs: Cooking with Phyllo 10:00 - 14:00 10

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy classroom at No 5, Sappers Street, Valletta

All of our courses will be held at our purposely-designed professional kitchen class room on Sapper Street in Valletta, conveniently close to the nearby open-air public car park.

Our modular classroom has been created to morph effortlessly between technical and theory exercises, with plenty of space for you to work, cook and learn. Designed for up to 12 students and a lecturer at a time, our classroom is also home to the latest cooking equipment – although it still feels like a comfortable home kitchen.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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What's included?

  • MCA Apron
  • Food & Drink
  • Recipe Pack
  • Course Notes
  • Use of Equipment

299 4 sessions over 16 hours