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4 Hours over 1 session
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Our workshop series are designed to give people a better understanding of the basic fundamentals in a kitchen. These workshops primarily focus on techniques which can then be applied to a multitude of different recipes.

If you wish to boost your skills and knowledge in the kitchen to create restaurant quality dishes then these workshops are for you.


16 Hours over 4 sessions
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Our Cuisines based courses are focused on a cuisine from the Mediterranean region. Each cuisine will delve into a particular recipe and technique from that region and bring it to focus.

Through one of our Cuisines courses you will sample a small part of what makes that cuisine unique both in the food and it connection to the wider Mediterranean region.

Cooking and Culture in Valletta

4 Hours over 1 session
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The workshop will explore some of the lore and tales created by local peoples to bequest the sea for favours, calm it’s waters or send back a loved one.

We will dive into the fascinating history that connects Malta to the Mediterranean and how we continue to use it to this day. The class will culminate in a hands-on cooking session where you will learn how to fillet a locally caught fish and compose a dish using seasonal ingredients from our network of farmers.

The day will end with the chance to sit and eat the fruits of your labour with a glass (or two) of local wine paired with your meal. This workshop is perfect for any tourist interested in Maltese food, history and culture.